LeBron James in talks to star in major motion picture

That didn’t take too long. Now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James is about to take Hollywood by storm.

Already the co-founder of SpringHill Entertainment, King James will soon embark on a production of a remake of the 1990s cult hit House Party.

But before that takes hold, the three-time NBA champion could very well find himself in a star role on the big screen.

According to Variety, James sold a movie project to Paramount Players, and is in talks to star in the comedy.

SpringHill and writer Steve Mallory have been developing the film for several months. By selling its rights to Paramount, the overriding idea here is for the film to be a box office hit with Mr. James in the lead role.

It was already a foregone conclusion that one of James’ primary reasons for leaving Cleveland and heading to the Lakers was the presence of the movie industry in Southern California. By making this bold move so early in his Lakers career, James is all but confirming those suspicions.