LaVar Ball on shoe deals: ‘All of them can get him [Lonzo] for $3 billion’

Lakers president Magic Johnson doesn't seem too worried about LaVar Ball.

LaVar Ball is trying to play the three biggest shoe companies in basketball — Nike, Adidas and Under Armour — against each other for the right to endorse his son, Lonzo Ball.

Communicating with ESPN’s Darren Rovell on Saturday night, Ball said that Lonzo wearing shoes from all three companies was sending a message. He also said they could sign Ball “if the price is right.”

Now he’s named that price, speaking with Chris Broussard and Mark Willard of Fox Sports Radio.

It seems the patriarch might be over-valuing his son…slightly.

Or, he’s basically saying, “You can’t afford to have my son. My son is the most valuable commodity in the NBA.”

And from the perspective of a parent, that’s awfully sweet.

But from a business perspective, it’s just more bluster from the man who has a (strong) opinion about everything, including what Joel Embiid should do with his mouth.