LaVar Ball says he could coach Lakers to title ‘with my eyes closed’

By Jesse Reed

Magic Johnson reportedly is unhappy with the way Luke Walton has been coaching the Los Angeles Lakers early this season, so naturally LaVar Ball had something to say about all that.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the outspoken Ball said he’d be able to lead the Lakers to a championship “with my eyes closed” if he were coaching.

“If you have Lonzo and you have the best player in the world which is LeBron James, how do you not win a Championship? My prediction for this season is the Championship,” Ball said. “If they need help to shoot I’ll coach them. I can coach them with my eyes closed.”

Then he proceeded to lay out his vision for how to beat the Golden State Warriors.

“There’s only one way to beat the Golden State Warriors is to go faster than them. If you have length and speed you can beat them.”

Seems legit.

In other news, LaVar Ball could also beat Michael Jordan in his prime and is a better tight end than Rob Gronkowski.