LaVar Ball on Rob Gronkowski: Gronk ‘can’t hang with me back in my heyday’

Lakers president Magic Johnson doesn't seem too worried about LaVar Ball.

So, at this point it’s safe to say LaVar Ball’s lucky he’s not suffering from Pinocchio syndrome. If he were, his nose would extend farther than anyone could see.

He’s an expert at lying for the sake of “entertaining,” and he once again took his fib game to another level. In an appearance on ESPN’s The Really Big Show, Ball took aim at New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

“Gronkowski can’t hang with me back in my heyday,” Ball said. He also said he was “too fast, too strong” and a better overall athlete than Gronk, who’s been voted to four First-team All-Pro squads in his career.

It cannot be overstated just how insane these comments are. While it’s true that Ball did carve out some time in the NFL as a tight end with the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, he never played in a single game.

Meanwhile, Gronkowski is working on a Hall of Fame career (if he can stay healthy going forward) in which he’s already hauled in 405 passes for 6,095 yards and 68 touchdowns during the regular season. He’s also won two Super Bowls and has caught nine career touchdowns in postseason play.

In Ball’s tiny little universe, of which he occupies the center role, he’s better than Michael Jordan. His son is better than Stephen Curry. And his shoes are worth $500.

It’s a good thing we can all take a deep breath out here in reality, where things are a big more clear.