LaVar Ball: Lonzo Ball won’t re-sign with Lakers unless LA signs his two brothers

Lakers president Magic Johnson doesn't seem too worried about LaVar Ball.

Let it never be said LaVar Ball doesn’t have an extraordinarily high opinion of himself and his sons. On that note, just check out what he said about Lonzo Ball’s future with the Los Angeles Lakers.

No doubt, NBA general managers are just salivating at the thought of all three Ball brothers on the court together.

Or not.

Of course, Ball appears to be forgetting the fact that, in three years, Lonzo won’t be an unrestricted free agent. He’d be a restricted free agent with a team option in 2019-20 for $8.7 million and another in 2020-21 for $11 million. So, this master plan of his might be a bit impulsive.

Let’s put a pin in this and revisit it in a couple years, shall we? Heck, by that time, maybe LaVar Ball will be ready to take over for Luke Walton as head coach of the Lakers, and this will all be elementary anyway.