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LAPD called after Rockets players storm Clippers locker room

Vincent Frank

This was one way to end an NBA holiday. With tremendous action taking place all around the NBA to commemorate MLK Day, the final game of Monday’s slate was among the most intriguing.

It included Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul returning to Los Angeles after being dealt from the Clippers during the summer. In the end, Los Angeles came out on top by the score of 113-102.

But that’s not the story here. Not even close.

The game itself was contentious from the get.

That pretty much summed up Blake Griffin’s night. But prior to that final altercation that got him ejected from the game late in the fourth, we can see Griffin getting into it with Paul.

He also shared words with Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni during the game. Again, that’s not the story here. Instead, it was injured Clippers guard Austin Rivers getting into it with Rockets players, Trevor Ariza included.

Apparently, this led to multiple Rockets players attempting to enter the Clippers locker room to apparently fight (or at least confront) both Griffin and Rivers.

While nothing turned violent, the Los Angeles Police Department was actually called to the scene. Really.

There likely won’t be much more on this incident until later on Tuesday. But it’s readily apparent that emotion and anger boiled over. The end result was what could have very well been an ugly scene inside the Staples Center. Luckily, security was on hand to maintain control over the situation.

We’ll obviously have more information as it becomes available.