Lamar Jackson says he won’t run during the NFL Scouting Combine

Former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson has made it about as clear as possible. With some NFL teams potentially looking at him as a wide receiver and others drawing the same conclusion, the former Heisman winner indicates that he views himself solely as a quarterback.

It’s really been one of the dumbest narratives we’ve seen during the still young NFL offseason. Somehow, those who have made a career out of this football thing believe Jackson doesn’t have what it takes to be a quarterback. Hall of Fame executive Bill Polian is a prime example of this.

Now, in Indianapolis for the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine, Jackson just told reporters that he will not run the 40-yard dash or do any other “Olympic” style testing during his day on the field on Saturday.

We’re not saying that Jackson listened to us here. But we did make this a point last month. If Jackson views himself solely as a quarterback he shouldn’t give teams reason to believe he’s a wide receiver by showing off what is obviously explosive athleticism on the field.

It will now be interesting to see how well Jackson performs throwing the ball. Outside of interviews, that’s going to be the biggest takeaway from his time in Indianapolis. If he throws well, all of this background noise should die down relatively quickly.