Lamar Jackson responds to report of coach saying he can’t be NFL QB

Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson has a lot of pressure on his shoulders heading into college football Week 1

One of the most intriguing prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft, Lamar Jackson has his fair share of doubters, many of whom believe he should change positions and become a wide receiver at the NFL level.

On Wednesday, the day before the draft, a report emerged that one of those doubters is an unnamed NFL offensive coordinator who said, “He’s an awesome athlete. He will not be able to play (quarterback) in this league, mark my words. When he throws, he hopes,” per Tom Pelissero of NFL.com.

Well, not surprisingly Jackson saw that report, and he was approached by USA Today Sports’ Trysta Krick about it. His response was priceless.

“Can’t hope for a lot of touchdowns,” Jackson quipped. “Hope for 69, I think I threw? That’s a lot of hope in the dude so, I don’t know. … But you know, there’s always going to be some doubters, but we’re going to see when I get there.”

He also said he “absolutely” likes proving his doubters wrong: “…that’s my motivation. All you’re doing to do is add flame to the fire.”

Jackson made a huge statement about being purely a quarterback during the combine and his pro day at Louisville, refusing to run a 40 during both workouts. He doesn’t need to prove he’s fast, because it’s evident on tape that he can blow past any defender when he turns on the jets.

He’s going to live or die in the NFL as a quarterback, and for what it’s worth I think he’ll do more than just live — he’ll thrive.