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NFL insider reveals one team showed interest in acquiring Lamar Jackson

Quarterback Lamar Jackson is viewed as one of the best NFL free agents ever, a franchise star just entering his prime with a long history of carrying offenses. As the NFL free-agency period draws to a standstill, though, the former NFL MVP has received minimal interest.

Jackson, who turned 26 in January, received the non-exclusive franchise tag from the Baltimore Ravens. It allows the two-time Pro Bowl selection, who doesn’t have an agent, to discuss a contract with teams around the league.

If Jackson signs an offer sheet with another club, the Ravens can either match it or allow him to leave and in exchange receive that team’s next two first-round picks. However, immediately after he became a free agent, numerous NFL teams stated they would not pursue him this offseason.

  • Lamar Jackson stats (2022): 59.1 ESPN QBR (9th), 17-7 TD-INT, 764 rushing yards

Baltimore has expressed its desire to re-sign Jackson, engaging with him in contract talks for more than a year. After multiple offers fell short, with Jackson providing details from one of their proposals, the Ravens attempted to sign Baker Mayfield.

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While the franchise is continuing its efforts to negotiate with the face of its franchise, Jackson has requested a trade. As he tries to generate interest around the league, it appears only one team expressed interest in acquiring him.

Appearing on his The Peter King Podcast, NBC Sports’ NFL insider said one team showed “tepid” interest in acquiring Jackson. He found out which team it was and reached out to the head coach, who indicated they are focused on the 2023 NFL Draft.

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“I am focused on a new quarterback, a drafted quarterback.”

Anonymous NFL coach to Peter King on reported interest in Lamar Jackson

While King didn’t disclose the specific team, it’s reasonable to narrow down the options using the 2023 NFL Draft order. Any club that would turn its attention to the incoming rookie class at quarterback likely has a top pick, in a favorable position to draft Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson or Will Levis.

It suggests a team like the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons would be the team that expressed some interest in Jackson. However, Carolina already paid a significant price to acquire the first pick and the Texans’ rebuild means they would already be prioritizing a rookie quarterback.

The Colts and Lions stand out as the most reasonable options, with Indianapolis desperate for a franchise quarterback and Detroit still open to landing a star-caliber player. Evidently, though, the team that expressed tepid interest in Jackson turned its focus to the 2023 draft class.

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For now, it likely means that Jackson has no alternatives other than playing for the Ravens or sitting out the majority of the 2023 season. While it’s possible circumstances change, depending on how the upcoming NFL Draft falls, it’s clear there is no real market for Jackson right now.

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