Lakers sign deal with company for ads on jerseys this season

By Vincent Frank

The Los Angeles Lakers are the latest NBA team to ink a deal with a company for advertisements on jerseys for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

Wish, an eCommerce company based out of San Francisco, will be lucky enough to see its corporate logo on Lakers jerseys for the season.

It’s not yet known what the cost of the advertising relationship will be. But it’s safe to say the world’s sixth-largest eCommerce company will be paying some nice cash to be featured on said jerseys.

Focusing on a mobile shopping app for smart phones, Wish has already received $1 billion in venture capital and is the second-largest online mobile retail outlet behind Amazon.

It’s most definitely going to be interesting to see teams play with ads on their jerseys this upcoming season. In reality, the NBA is likely starting a trend what will soon bleed over to the NFL and MLB.