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Lakers move atop West standings in 3v3 Seed Weeks

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Credit: USA Today Sports Images

Lakers Gaming spotted DUX Infinitos one game before roaring back to take three straight and win their 3v3 Seed Weeks match in the NBA 2K league on Friday.

The Lakers moved into first place in the Western Conference with nine points, one point ahead of Cavs Legion GC and T-Wolves Gaming, who won their matches. The Cavs bested Mavs Gaming in four games, and the T-Wolves outlasted Pacers Gaming in five games.

In the Eastern Conference, Heat Check Gaming vaulted to the lead by beating Grizz Gaming in five games. The Heat have eight points, one better than NetsGC, which fell in five games to Knicks Gaming.

In other matches Friday, Wizards District Gaming knocked off Raptors Uprising in four games, and Bucks Gaming defeated Pistons GT in five games.

Teams get one point for each win during 3v3 Seed Weeks. At the end of Seed Weeks, the five teams with the most points from each conference will secure spots in the 3v3 Playoffs.

Two more teams will make the 3v3 Playoffs via The Steal, while the 13th and 14th spots in the 3v3 Playoffs will be reserved for the amateur teams that win the Slam Open and Switch Open.

The Lakers lost to DUX 22-19 in their first game, but rallied with wins of 23-20, 22-18 and 23-19.

The Cavs won their first two games, 22-12 and 22-17, but the Mavs took the third game 22-10. The Cavs then clinched the match 22-14.

The T-Wolves lost their first game to the Pacers 23-21, but responded with 23-15 and 23-18 wins. After the Pacers evened the match with a 21-15 win, the T-Wolves clinched with a 23-19 victory.

The Heat and Grizz traded wins throughout before the Heat prevailed: 21-19, 18-22, 21-17, 18-21, 22-19.

The Knicks won their first two games, 23-13 and 23-19, before the Nets squared the match with 22-16 and 21-18 victories. The Knicks clinched with a 23-19 win.

The Raptors jumped on top of the Wizards with a 22-18 conquest, but the Wizards stormed back with three straight wins: 21-18, 21-18 and 21-17.

The Bucks fell to the Pistons in the first game 21-19, won the second game 22-20, and lost again in the third game 22-15. But the Bucks clinched the match with back-to-back victories, 21-19 and 22-20.

Tuesday’s matchups:
–Bucks Gaming vs. Warriors Gaming Squad
–76ers GC vs. Gen.G Tigers
–Magic Gaming vs. Hawks Talon GC
–Pistons GT vs. Blazer5 Gaming
–DUX Infinitos vs. NetsGC
–Cavs Legion GC vs. Wizards District Gaming
–Jazz Gaming vs. Kings Guard Gaming
–Hornets Venom GT vs. Celtics Crossover Gaming

NBA 2K League 3v3 standings, with games played and points:
1. Heat Check Gaming, 13, 8
2. NetsGC, 14, 7
T3. Magic Gaming, 8, 6
T3. Hawks Talon GC, 8, 6
T3. 76ers GC, 8, 6
6. Raptors Uprising GC, 12, 5
T7. Knicks Gaming, 8, 4
T7. Wizards District Gaming, 11, 4
T9. Hornets Venom GT, 6, 3
T9. Celtics Crossover Gaming, 8, 3
T9. Gen.G Tigers, 9, 3
T9. Grizz Gaming, 12, 3

1. Lakers Gaming, 12, 9
T2. Cavs Legion GC, 13, 8
T2. T-Wolves Gaming, 15, 8
4. Mavs Gaming, 11, 7
T5. Kings Guard Gaming, 8, 6
T5. Bucks Gaming, 9, 6
7. Pistons GT, 10, 5
T8. Warriors Gaming Squad, 7, 4
T8. Jazz Gaming, 10, 4
10. Pacers Gaming, 12, 3
11. DUX Infinitos, 11, 2
12. Blazer5 Gaming, 6, 0

–Field Level Media