Kyrie Irving on facing Knicks questions: ‘Who cares?’

Kyrie Irving

The New York Knicks are expected to pursue Kyrie Irving in free agency next summer, and reporters are certain to ask him about the rumors before the Boston Celtics take on the franchise.

According to Mark Murphy of theĀ Boston Herald, however, Irving said he’s not concerned about facing the questions prior to Saturday’s clash with the Knicks.

Irving is reportedly atop the Knicks’ wish list for the summer of 2019. The Knicks will probably pursue Kevin Durant regardless of his interest level, too.

But for Kyrie, next July is merely a blip on the horizon.

Sure, the All-Star guard wouldn’t be human if he hasn’t thought about his impending free agency. That doesn’t mean he’s going to share anything right now.

Irving has been the subject of rumors throughout his career, so he’s certainly well-prepared to handle the whispers of 2018-19.

Since he’s a superstar, NBA media and fans alike absolutely care about July. Guessing about his future home is enjoyable for everyone on the outside. Irving, though, doesn’t need to do anything more than brush off questions about it.

Saturday, he’ll have plenty of opportunities.