Kyrie Irving gets defensive when asked about his flat Earth stance

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving made news on Friday by claiming that everything we have learned about geology and astronomy is wrong.

In a stunning stance that goes away from commen sense and science itself, Irving suggested that the Earth is flat.

No really, he did.


That’s truly some amazing stuff right there from Kyrie. Heck, dude goes off about the moon landing being fake. This is Pete Carrol 9/11 truther level stuff right here.

When asked about his belief at All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, Irving seemed to get a tad defensive.

“Does it matter?” Irving responded when asked about his comments. When the reporter pushed back claiming that it does matter, Irving had this to say.

“What’s so important about that? Out of all the podcast that’s what you took out of it? The flat Earth.”

To be clear, Irving’s belief is absolutely absurd. How it’s caught on as a social phenomenon is also a tad absurd. One has to wonder whether Irving himself is just trolling us all.

The good news here is that LeBron James seems to support his teammate.

That’s akin to a big brother showing support for his awkward little sibling.

Either way, we really want to know if Irving actually believes the Earth is flat. Someone should ask him if he threw the ball off the planet, where would it land? That would surely get a tremendous response.