Kurt Rambis looks to be ‘heavily involved’ teaching Triangle to Knicks

When Kurt Rambis retained an assistant coaching job after his interim coaching debacle last season, fans of the New York Knicks worried that his influence would continue to have an impact at the Garden. Today, that worry came to fruition as Rambis was apparently “heavily involved” in teaching the Triangle offense to the Knicks.

Kurt Rambis teaching the Triangle offense to the Knicks is the stuff of nightmares, but this is the New York Knicks, so here we are.

Rambis, the same coach who suggested Kristaps Porzingis should play small forward, ran the then-rookie into the ground, and holds a career .284 winning percentage should not be anywhere near a professional basketball court as a coach.

His continued presence in New York — not to mention his promotion of the Triangle offense — indicates that Phil Jackson’s patience is wearing thin with Jeff Hornacek’s more modern style of offense. Jackson, whose tenure as Knicks’ President of Basketball Operations has been an unmitigated train wreck, seems not to be learning from his errors but embracing them.

The Knicks haven’t used the Triangle much this year, as Derrick Rose is the opposite of a prototypical point guard for the system. However, the team is 24-36 — out of the playoff race — and apparently ready to go back to the caveman basketball that defined the last two seasons for the franchise.