Kobe frustrated with Lakers: I could’ve scored 80 and not made a difference

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Kobe Bryant slogged through the worst shooting performance of his career Tuesday night, but the former Los Angeles Lakers star is more frustrated with the team than himself.

According to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, following the 111-77 loss to the Golden State Warriors, Bryant said the Lakers need to start playing as a team to be competitive.

“I’m not really worried about it, honestly. My shooting will be better. I could’ve scored 80 tonight. It wouldn’t have made a damn difference. We just have bigger problems. I could be out there averaging 35 points a game. We’d be what, 3-11? We’ve got to figure out how to play systematically in a position that’s going to keep us in ballgames.”

Kobe shot 1-of-14 overall, including a 1-of-7 clip from three-point range, lowering his season average to 15.2 points per appearance.

The Lakers have only won two of their first 14 games, including nine losses by 10 points or more. And he’s a significant portion of the problem.

Contrary to dedicated-Kobe-fan beliefs, the 37-year-old is not good anymore. He’s really, really not.

Bryant is shooting 31.1 percent from the field and a stunningly poor 19.5 percent beyond the arc. Nevertheless, he continues to launch triples at an absurd rate. Bryant has attempted 7.0 three-points per game, which is the fifth-highest mark in the NBA.

Until the veteran accepts the fact he must become a smaller part of the offense, the Lakers—who certainly have plenty of issues that aren’t helping Kobe—will continue to flounder.