Report: Knile Davis to be released by Jets in favor of C.J. Spiller

Knile Davis must feel like a dirty tissue paper these days.

Traded to the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago, Davis was released after contributing just five yards on five carries. Then the New York Jets signed him to bolster their running back corps on Tuesday, only to release him just hours later to they can sign C.J. Spiller instead.

Now, it’s understood around the league that Davis isn’t your prototypical running back. Blessed with some game-breaking physical attributes, he tends to struggle finding holes as a pure running back.

That said, getting dumped by the Packers — a team that pretty much has no running backs right now — only to be picked up by the Jets and then dumped for C.J. Spiller of all people, is downright harsh.

It remains to be seen if Davis will find a more permanent home this season. What we do know is that NFL personnel folks within the Jets organization think Spiller — recently dumped by the running-back needy Seattle Seahawks — is better than him. And that’s not a good thing.