Klay Thompson: ‘I hope to do this for a long time for the Warriors’

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson wants to be with the team for the long haul.

There was a lot made about Klay Thompson’s role during the Golden State Warriors’ championship run. He averaged just 15.0 points and shot 40 percent from the field during the playoffs.

Having been one of the focal points on offense, Thompson was left watching the team run through MVP’s Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. For the Warriors, it equated to an historical 16-1 postseason run. But many were left wondering where Thompson himself fits in moving forward.

On the heels of his second title in three seasons, Thompson himself doesn’t seem to be too worried about his role.

“I don’t feel like I sacrificed at all,” Klay Thompson said, via ESPN. “I’d rather be a part of something that could leave a legacy. There is more to basketball than getting yours, or being the guy. I hope I do this for a long time for the Warriors.”

To be clear here. Thompson’s importance to the team was right up there with Durant and Curry during the playoffs. He proved himself to be an elite-level defender, going up against four different positions in the process. In the Finals, Thompson performed at a tremendous level guarding both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

Thompson has two years remaining on the rookie extension he signed with Golden State back in 2014. There had been some talk that Golden State might look to trade him at some point soon. Based on what we saw this past season, that looks to be extremely unlikely.