Kirk Herbstreit apologizes to Baylor and Terrell Burt on Twitter about ‘bush league’ comment’

By Jesse Reed
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Herbstreit used his Twitter account to make a public apology for his “bush league” comment on Saturday night.

Herbstreit was livid during the prime-time ABC broadcast in Week 11 when he thought Baylor’s Terrell Burt was told to fake an injury. He called the move “bush league” and repeatedly slammed the team for what he perceived was a calculated move so that Baylor’s defense could catch its breath against Oklahoma’s offensive attack late in the game.

After finding out the next day that Burt actually was hurt and that he’d injured himself earlier in the game, Herbstreit took the high road and publicly admitted his mistake.

This was a classy move by one of the biggest names in broadcasting, and he deserves credit for admitting his mistake.¬†And, you can be sure he’ll be more careful in the future to speak out about things of this nature.