Kirk Cousins stomps trade rumors into the dirt

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. At least, that’s what he wants us to believe, anyway.

Cousins made a statement that indicates he isn’t looking to be traded or even move away from Washington after the 2017 NFL season.

This is a far cry from what we’ve been hearing from most of the reporting from NFL insiders this offseason.

Then again, perhaps Cousins realizes that the only way to keep his team from looking at him like a lame duck quarterback is to give the old rah-rah speech, so to speak.

Cousins and Washington have had a contentious relationship this past year. The two sides have been far apart on the issue of how much the quarterback is worth, and based on the information we’ve seen put out there he has reason to reject the team’s offer.

This upcoming season is huge for Cousins. Whether he remains in Washington, he has to prove once and for all that he’s worth $25-plus million per year, which is around what Andrew Luck is hauling in on his new deal.