Kirk Cousins took less to join Vikings, wants to stay in Minnesota ‘a long, long time’

The Vikings signing Kirk Cousins will go down as one of the worst deals in NFL Free agency this year

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins officially signed a three-year contract with his new team. Looking ahead to his future beyond his three-year commitment to Minnesota, Cousins expressed a desire to remain with the Vikings much longer than that during his press conference Thursday.

Cousins thought long and hard about where he wanted to play, and his dedication to the Vikings is very apparent. His agent even said this when it came to other offers Cousins received.

It looks like Cousins and his young family plan to call Minnesota home for years to come. At the end of his three-year contract with the Vikings, Cousins will only be 32-years-old. If he plays well for Minnesota, it would be logical that the Vikings would extend him beyond 2020.

Cousins’ remarks about “kids” also hint that he and his wife will plan to add more children to their family. Right now, the Cousins have only one young baby boy named Cooper.


But for now, Cousins just became the new highest-paid player in NFL history. He inked a fully-guaranteed $84 million contract that takes him through the 2020 season.