Kirk Cousins posts funny message on Twitter about free agency options

Quarterback Kirk Cousins is waiting patiently for March 14 to roll around when he can get down to business and explore his options in free agency.

Just days away from this happening, Cousins posted a note to his Twitter account. He’s basically “open to suggestions.”

And, boy is Cousins attracting a lot of responses. Here are a few notables.

Surely, the responses will keep pouring in. Cousins is hands-down the best free agent quarterback out there for the choosing. We know the Minnesota Vikings will be making a strong push for Cousins, as well as the Denver Broncos.

Then there are the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets who both are in fabulous financial shape to lure Cousins. Larry Fitzgerald was recently trying to recruit Cousins to join him in Arizona.

Decisions, decisions. As Cousins points out above, this will be the first time since 2007, he has his choice of career path.