Kings’ Harrison Barnes makes vow not to cut hair until teams reaches .500

By Vincent Frank
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes is looking a bit rugged these days. Why? We’re glad you asked.

Back in December, Barnes made a vow that he would not shave or cut his hair until either the Kings reach .500 or the season comes to an end. This is a real story, and it’s all sorts of great.

Sacramento was just a few games under .500 when Barnes came to this conclusion. In no way did he think that the remainder of the season would force him into looking like “Movember” had extended into February.

Currently sitting at 21-32 on the season, Sacramento 9-17 since Dec. 17, approximately when Barnes made this vow.

The team is also embroiled in a bit of controversy. One has to wonder if that has to do with Barnes’ hygiene.

Similar jokes were certainly flying all around NBA Twitter.