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Detroit Pistons’ Killian Hayes ejected for punching Moritz Wagner

Killian Hayes

Things got heated between Detroit Pistons wing Killian Hayes and star young Orlando Magic forward Moritz Wagner late in the second quarter of their game Wednesday evening.

Wagner could be seen shoving Hayes into the Pistons’ bench. At that point, Hayes threw a punch to the back of Wagner’s head. As you can see in the video embedded below, it sure looks like Wagner lost consciousness following the punch.

This might not be akin to the Malice at the Palace some two decades ago in a game between these very same Pistons and the Indiana Pacers. But it’s not a good look for the NBA.

In particular, Killian Hayes throwing a punch to the back of Wagner’s head is sure to catch the eye of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Co. It was a dirty and dangerous play.

Not without fault himself, Wagner’s decision to throw Hayes into the Pistons’ bench could also be seen as dirty.

For their roles in this altercation, both Wagner and Hayes were ejected from the game.

Though, it would not be a surprise if Killian Hayes found himself suspended for multiple games. The NBA will look into it and should hand down a suspension at some point on Thursday. That’s for sure.