Kevin Durant on the Warriors: ‘I’m just in it for the long haul’

Kevin Durant

At 36-6 on the season, the Golden State Warriors are once again on pace to win 70-plus games. But unlike last season, it’s not Stephen Curry that’s been the face of the team’s success.

Instead, that title goes to former NBA MVP Kevin Durant, who signed with the team this past summer.

Coming off a 40-point performance against his old Oklahoma City Thunder team, Durant is in the midst of the best season of his career. He’s also not really keeping the door open for a potential move this upcoming season.

Speaking to USA Today Sports NBA insider Sam Amick, Durant made it clear that he wants to remain with the Warriors for the long haul.

“I’m liking it here,” Durant said. “I’m liking everything that’s going on. I know what my contract says, but I didn’t plan on coming here for just a year. I’m in it right now, and I’m also just focusing on day by day. I know it’s cliché, and you hear that all the time, but I’m seriously just not thinking about it because I’m like – I’m just in it for the long haul.”

Durant signed a two-year deal with the Warriors this past July. However, that includes an opt-out clause following the 2016-17 season — a clause Durant is surely going to use in order to cash in on the open market once again.

But much like Stephen Curry’s public comments, it sure looks like Durant has no intention of leaving the Warriors. If that’s the case, we can surely expect continued success for the two-time defending Western Conference champs.