Kevin Durant puts fanboy bloggers on absolute blast

Kevin Durant

One might think that Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant might use one of his burner accounts to put people on blast through social media.

Apparently not. Instead, Durant took to a podcast with Bill Simmons to absolutely blast what the reigning NBA Finals MVP calls “blog boys” and “fanboys.”

It is something to behold.

“Can I make a PSA real quick? All your blog boys and your fanboys that’s gonna use everything I say and create an article — watch a basketball game. How about you write that,” Durant told Simmons (h/t NBC Sports Bay Area). “I just want to say that, because all these guys are gonna write articles and get real mad about what I said tonight … they’re gonna put their emotions into it. It’s not about you. Watch a basketball game. Enjoy the game. Stop worrying about me so much. I just wanted to say that.”

We’re glad you could take time out of your rehab from injury to note just how much fanboy bloggers and their opinions matter to you, Mr. Durant.

Here’s an opinion. Why do you care what “we” write? Shouldn’t the focus be on leading your Warriors to a second consecutive NBA title while overcoming the recent bevy of injuries that have plagued the team?

In all seriousness, Durant seems to care a little bit too much about what others think of him.

Though, it wasn’t all doom and gloom from Durant. As we’ve seen, he also showed himself to be a funny guy on the pod.

“People tell us we’re superstars, and we really aren’t … after we won the championship, I had Taco Bell and it ran through me just like it would a normal person. I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t. I thought I had a golden stomach (joking). I thought I was immune to everything, but no.”

Taco Tuesday, anyone?

In any event, Durant is slated to return to the Warriors on Thursday after missing the past several games with a rib injury. His Warriors are 54-20 on the season and in firm position to boast the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference Playoffs.