Kevin Durant Drops Some Weed on Camera

By Vincent Frank

It’s not like this is that big of a deal. Instead, it’s just pretty hilarious. Didn’t Kevin Durant’s boys tell him to handle his weed with care?

Approached by TMZ Sports in Hollywood on Friday night, the former NBA MVP didn’t want much to do with the gossip rag.

Unfortunately for Durant, the site got a video of him dropping a vile of marijuana (probably medicinal) out of his SUV.

Come on, dude. That’s not what you’d call being on the down low here.

There’s not much that’s going to come out of this. Even if the marijuana isn’t medicinal, the worst that could happen is that Durant will be randomly tested by the NBA next season. Even then, that seems to be a bit of a long shot.

Let’s just hope Durant didn’t drop his bong later in the night. Those can be a tad expensive.

Photo: TMZ Sports