Kevin Durant challenges fan to a face-to-face NBA debate

As he’s done a lot of during the offseason, Kevin Durant was on Twitter talking about LaMelo Ball. One fan engaged Durant in an argument, questioning whether Ball would have the work ethic. That’s when another fan stepped in with a rather brash tweet.


We have to admire the confidence here. Durant wasn’t about to back down, either. He didn’t flaunt his ring, his MVP, or any of his NBA accolades. Rather, Durant decided to throw the gauntlet down.

At this point, Rip City Goon wasn’t about to walk away from the challenge.


Durant doubled down, as well.

The exchange ended well, with Durant actually giving his adversary a Twitter follow.

We’ll see if this turns into a real, one-one-one, face-to-face debate. If so, we can only hope that it’s televised.