Kawhi Leonard’s former agent files explosive lawsuit

By Vincent Frank

As if the Kawhi Leonard drama couldn’t get any more ridiculous, the San Antonio Spurs star’s former agent has filed a lawsuit against Impact Sports Basketball, the agency that represents Leonard.

While the lawsuit was filed in a United States District Court in Florida last month, we’re now getting some details. And they’re absolutely explosive.

Leonard’s former agent, Brian Elfus, claims that Impact failed to pay out his commission after he negotiated Leonard’s current five-year, $93.4 million contract. More than that, Elfus alleges that the agency employed family members of the All-Star.

“Of particular interest, the suit claims the agreement between Elfus and Impact Sports Basketball required the company to consult with Elfus on player-related expenses, but they allegedly did not,” KENS 5 in San Antonio reported. “Elfus claims that Impact has had Kawhi’s uncle and mother on the company payroll for at least five years.”

Talk about a conflict of interest right there. Whether Kawhi played a role in this remains to be seen. It’s also important to note that the lawsuit is against his agency, not himself personally.

Either way, it adds yet another layer to what has been a ridiculous situation for a player in Leonard that wants out of San Antonio but apparently isn’t interested in playing in Los Angeles.