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Kawhi Leonard, Paul George star in epic ‘Terminator’ advertisement

Vincent Frank
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

They’re back. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George got their wish and returned to their Southern California roots this past offseason.

Now members of a championship contending Los Angeles Clippers team, the two are hanging out with Hollywood legends.

Check out this absolutely brilliant and well-crafted advertisement for the soon-to-be released “Terminator: Dark Fate” movie.

Words can’t describe how absolutely amazing this ad is. Not only is Leonard here making fun of his laugh, he’s teaming up with Sarah Connor and Terminator himself.

We’re pretty sure this is the best thing ever. From Arnold’s “what it do, baby” to Leonard being threatened with termination because of his robotic laugh.

Give this advertisement an Emmy. Give the Clippers the NBA championship. Heck, hand Leonard his second consecutive NBA Finals MVP.

Hasta la vista, baby!