Katie Couric has interesting take on why Netherlands are so good at speed skating

NBC and its lineup of networks have done a pretty good job broadcasting the first few days of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been hiccups here and there. Just ask former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, who attempted to explain why the Netherlands is so good at speed skating.

“It is probably not a news flash to tell you the Dutch are really, really good at speed skating. All but five of the 110 medals they’ve won have been on the speed skating oval. Now, ‘Why are they so good?’ you may be asking yourselves. Because skating is an important mode of transportation in a city like Amsterdam which sits at sea level,” Couric said during the opening ceremonies, via Business Insider. “As you all know, it has lots of canals that can freeze in the winters. So, for as long as those canals have existed, the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place, to race each other, and also to have fun.”

Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? Just imagine Amsterdam rush-hour with everyone speed skating to work. No cars. No taxis. No buses. No subway system. Instead, everyone speed skating to work with briefcases and purses in tow.

One really has to think Couric was being somewhat sarcastic here. But based on the comments, it’s unlikely she was.

No, Katie, that doesn’t happen. That was never a thing. The Dutch actually have cars in the 21st century. Novice idea, right?