Justin Verlander implies baseballs are juiced

Brad Barr, USA Today: Sale in the 5th and Verlander in the 6th? Hello awesome pitching staff.

How does Justin Verlander celebrate throwing a gem against baseball’s best team? By heavily implying that baseball’s are juiced. What else?

ESPN’s Buster Olney took to Twitter to note that 75 MLB players have 20 home runs in 2017, while only 57 topped that mark in 2014. It’s one of many stats to show how prevalent the long ball is in 2017. Fresh off of an eight-inning, two hit, nine strikeout win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Detroit Tigers ace replied.

In truth, a number of factors are contributing to more home runs being hit. Still, it’s hard to argue against the balls being the most prominent factor, as they’re the only thing that’s constant with every home run that’s been hit.

Verlander is far from the first person to imply that the balls are being juiced. Still, it is notable to hear a pitcher saying that, especially a pitcher with Verlander’s fame and accomplishments.