Dodgers’ Justin Turner: MLB needs to stop ‘ridiculous’ trend of fans running on field

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been subjected to a couple of young fans running onto the field recently, and Justin Turner is tired of it.

Two separate young girls on two consecutive days ran onto the field to get up close and personal with Cody Bellinger.

The first gushed about her experience, calling it the “best day ever.”


She had also told Bellinger that it was “worth it” even though she knew she was being arrested.

Then, one night later, a second girl ran onto the field and experienced the same fate. And once more, she said it was worth it.


Bellinger expressed concern after the second girl’s actions, noting it could be “dangerous.”

Los Angeles has now had fans rush onto the field three days in a row. On Wednesday, Turner called it a “ridiculous” trend that needs to be stopped.

It’s hard to argue with Turner here.