Junior Galette allegedly goes off on Saints in epic Twitter rant

By Vincent Frank

Now that Junior Galette has passed his physical, he is officially a former member of the New Orleans Saints. Reports late last week indicated that the team had decided to release him following a video being made public of Galette allegedly assaulting a woman with a belt during a 2013 incident in Florida.

Before Galette even took his physical as an official confirmation of his release, the star linebacker apparently took over his girlfriend’s Twitter account over the weekend to throw some serious shade at his former team.

Most of the tweets contain severely NSFW language, so we are not going to provide the visuals here. Instead, here’s a link to the over two dozen tweets Galette allegedly sent out.

From saying that Sean Payton was drunk in team meetings to calling Drew Brees washed up, Galette’s alleged rant was one for the ages. He even took on Jimmy Graham’s blocking ability while indicating that Zach Strief’s performance was due to his wife’s infidelity.

If this was indeed Galette, and there’s no reason to believe it wasn’t considering some of the specifics, it’s not going to bode well for his ability to land with another team. You simply don’t call out former teammates like this. It’s a horrible look on his part.

Photo: USA Today Sports