Julian Edelman Refers to Tom Brady as “Brady Vick”

By Rachel Wold
courtesy: yimg.com

When watching New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady in action, we see a ton of passing yards and a whole bunch of points scored. However, we rarely get to see the 37-year-old quarterback show off his mobility by running with the ball.

So when Brady does run, it’s a rare experience that led teammate┬áJulian Edelman to some choice words in describing his quarterback (via NFL.com).

It’s always fun seeing the Clydesdale run. He’s been working hard on his little mobility stuff. He takes that to heart and it’s always to watch him get fired up after a run. … He’s always had unbelievable pocket awareness so he seems pretty good to me. I mean he’s been around here a while, a long time so it’s always great seeing the big dog get out there and move the chains. I call “him Brady Vick”.

Certainly not the fastest horse in the race, Edelman nailed it with his comments. We painstakingly watched Brady take about five minutes to accomplish this 17-yard dash in Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.

Watching Brady tote that football while sluggishly making his way through traffic reminds me of watching Little Red Riding Hood skip her way through the woods with her little basket of goodies.