Judge Throws Out Big Piece of Evidence in Aaron Hernandez Case

By Vincent Frank

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will stand trial on murder charges earlier next year, but the alleged murderer won a key victory during the pretrial procedural process on Friday.

According to the Boston Herald, the prosecution cannot use an important piece of evidence in its case against Hernandez in the trial. This evidence includes text messages that the victim Odin Lloyd sent to his sister the night that he was murdered. Those texts shed some light on Hernandez and Lloyd hanging out just prior to Lloyd’s death.

Did you see who I’m with?” then “NFL” and finally “Just so you know.

In a separate win for Hernandez and his defense team, the judge also ruled that the double-murder charges levied against the former Patriots tight end cannot be used in this case.

While it’s foolish to think that potential jurors don’t have this information right now, especially considering the publicity this case has brought with it, there seems to be a pattern of the judge siding with the defense team. That could play a huge role in the case itself.

The trial is set to start January 5th.

Photo: NY Daily News