Josh Rosen posts throwback pics in Eagles gear, shares funny story about grandma

Bills Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen is about to begin his own NFL journey as a member of the 2018 NFL Draft class, but at one point he was just a kid with a dream and a ton of Philadelphia Eagles gear.

The soon-to-be NFL quarterback shared a post on Instagram of himself wearing Eagles merchandise with the funny caption, “In 2005 my grandma said she would die if the eagles ever got back to the super bowl and got revenge… I just gave her a call, relieved to hear her voice.”


It’s pretty amazing that Philly did get back to the big game and was able to win it against the team that last defeated them in the Super Bowl. Rosen’s grandmother’s prediction proved prophetic, but thankfully her vow did not take.

As for Rosen himself, it’s highly unlikely he’ll land in Philly wearing the uniform of his youthful dreams. After all, the Eagles already have a young stud quarterback, who just had a huge life event of his own happen right after winning the Super Bowl.