Josh Norman thinks NFL will lock out players in five years

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

The NFL and NFLPA have five years until the next collective bargaining agreement must be negotiated. Count Josh Norman among those who believe it will get ugly before anything is negotiated.

The last time the two sides completed the CBA, the NFL clearly came out on top.

This can be seen in the amount of power commissioner Roger Goodell has to discipline players arbitrarily, and it’s been a point of contention ever since. Players do not appreciate his heavy-handed methods.

This can be seen most clearly as it pertains to the league’s strange obsession with Tom Brady and his so-called deflated balls. The NFL has poured millions upon millions of dollars into this stupid battle. Furthermore, everyone knows the punishment (four-game suspension) doesn’t fit the crime, even if there were enough evidence to prove Brady knowingly deflated footballs (there is not).

Then there is the matter of cannabis as a viable alternative to opiods and other pills, which are harmful and addictive. More and more we are seeing former and current players asking the NFL to take a serious look into the validity of legalizing the medicine, rather than suspending players for long periods of time for it.

On top of it all, NFL players are taking note of the ridiculous, fully guaranteed contracts the NBA is handing out like candy right now (more on that here). NBA Players who have never been more than complementary pieces are getting $10 million per year (again, fully guaranteed), while NFL players have to fight and claw for every cent of guaranteed cash they receive.

There are other issues the NFLPA must fight to resolve in five years when it sits down at the negotiating table with the NFL, as well.

Based on Norman’s take, and based on what Washington Redskins teammate DeAngelo Hall said in response, perhaps players aren’t as worried about getting locked out as they are about losing another round to the NFL.

Change, she is a’coming.