Report: Josh Norman fined $48,620 for hit on Sterling Shepard

By Jesse Reed

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is being forced to cough up some big money after a big hit on New York Giants receiver Sterling Shepard last weekend.

The fine is most certainly warranted in this case. Just watch Norman try to take the young rookie out of the game on this play from Week 3.

Despite his best efforts, Norman couldn’t keep Shepard from hauling in that pass over the middle.

That kind of hit is totally unacceptable in today’s NFL, and rightly so. Head hunting has been banned, and anyone participating in the banned exercise will get hit with a stiff fine from the NFL these days.

At least he didn’t get into a fight with a kicking net, which is sadly not something we can say about his nemesis, Odell Beckham Jr, who went bonkers in a losing cause last Sunday. And in that case, the kicking net won.