Josh McCown invokes Tom Brady and Drew Brees as reason he can succeed

Quarterbacks aren’t cookie-cutter models made in a factory. Each one is different. Some perform like they are model cars being taken for a ride. Others look to be nothing better than 1970s-era Ford Pinto’s.

But don’t tell any of this to Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown, a player that has been nothing more than a marginal backup during his long NFL career.

In talking about whether he wants to return for a 15th season in the NFL, McCown invoked the success we’ve seen from Tom Brady and Drew Brees as one of the reasons he’s leaning towards returning.

No, really.

McCown, 37, has never passed for more than 2,206 yards in a season. Heck, his career-best performance in terms of touchdowns came back in 2013, when he threw 13 for the Chicago Bears.

Just to put this into perspective for a second, Tom Brady has thrown 13 touchdowns over the past six games.

With a career 18-42 record as a starter, McCown hasn’t found any real success in leading his team to wins on a consistent basis. That’s the complete antithesis of what we’ve seen from Brady and Brees, two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

McCown is under contract for $5 million next season. Sure he might want to collect that nice payday, but let’s make sure he knows where his lane is and to stay in it. Pinto’s should never be in the fast lane.