Report: Jordy Nelson a longshot to play in NFC Championship Game

The Green Bay Packers have been able to overcome some big injuries this year to reach the NFC Championship. But going up against the top offense in the NFL in the Atlanta Falcons, it’s clear having all their weapons on the field would be a big help. The team’s top receiver, Jordy Nelson, still hopes to play in the upcoming conference title game but is reportedly a longshot to make it onto the field.

“According to a source, the Green Bay Packers receiver has a chance to play against the Atlanta Falcons, but it’s only a small chance,” writes ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.

“The source reiterated what ESPN reported last week that Nelson did not sustain any major internal injuries, but added that it would still be difficult for Nelson to play just two weeks after he sustained broken ribs. In fact, the source said most players would have little or no chance to play that soon after such an injury but that ‘Nelson is different than most players.'”

Nelson has said that right now, the biggest issue for him is hoping he can just breathe like normal. The fractured ribs he sustained have made breathing painful, but he was able to travel to Dallas this past weekend without any problems.

Last week Aaron Rodgers said Nelson was toying with the idea of wearing a kevlar vest to protect his rib cage. Based on this latest report, it seems as though such extreme measures would still be needed if the receiver has a chance to play. If he cannot go, then at least he’ll have two more weeks to heal up and potentially play if the Packers can get past the Falcons to reach Super Bowl LI.

Based on the way Rodgers has been playing, we’re definitely not counting the Packers out of it, even if Nelson is a no-go Sunday in Atlanta.