Jordy Nelson considering wearing kevlar vest against Cowboys

Jordy Nelson is going to do whatever he can to get onto the playing field this Sunday when the Green Bay Packers visit the Dallas Cowboys.

He’s even considering wearing a kevlar vest to protect his ribs, according to Aaron Rodgers.

Michael Vick did wear a kevlar vest back in 2012, but he’s not the first to resort to such measures. No, that honor goes to Dan Pastorini, who played for Bum Phillips and the Houston Oilers back in the 1970s.

Nelson was knocked out of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants after getting hit hard in the rib cage. After getting carted away from the sideline, he ended up hospitalized after suffering fractured ribs (more on that here).

It seems unlikely he will be able to suit up this upcoming Sunday, but that’s exactly what he’s dreaming about doing.