Jordan Spieth tees off on Tiger Woods in epic shade throwing

Golf brings out the petty in everyone. In fact, professional golfers are seen more as rivals than a brotherhood. That’s the way it goes when we look at individual performances over team goals.

Jordan Spieth may not be a petty individual but he sure displayed those tendencies following a four-under-par performance Saturday at The Masters.

That’s a whole heck of a lot of shade being thrown in Woods’ direction, especially considering he’s not taking part in the Major due to a back injury.

Though, Spieth’s overall point remains questionable. Augusta National did expand its course after Woods’ win back in 1997. However, Woods would go in to finish in the top 10 in four of the next five tournaments at Augusta, capturing two wins in the process.

If they actually did Tiger-proof the course, Woods went to great lengths to dominate. In reality, expanding the course itself did Woods — who was in his prime at the time — a favor. When on, Woods had the most awe-inspiring driver in the PGA.

As it relates to Speith, he’s finished in the top two in each of the past three Masters tournaments, winning it back in 2015. Surely, the old course at Augusta isn’t Jordan-proof either.