Report: Jonathan Kraft and Jerry Jones fight over NFL teams’ GIF usage

The NFL owners are currently meeting in Houston to discuss many things. One particular topic led to an argument so intense that New England Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft left the room after a spat with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the fight was about whether or not it should be acceptable for teams to use GIFs of big plays on social media.

“…Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed his displeasure with the mandate during this week’s owners meeting in Houston, sources said. Jones had a heated exchange withPatriots team president Jonathan Kraft, who co-chairs the NFL’s digital media committee.”

Jones argued that teams should have the right to generate their own GIFs to use as shareable content on social media sites like Twitter. After debating fiercely, La Canfora reports Kraft left the room in frustration.

This is something the NFL cracked down on recently, which led to some seriously funny responses by teams trolling the league (watch here).

That the league wants to hoard all video content for itself isn’t shocking, based on everything we’ve seen from the NFL in recent years.

If we weren’t used to seeing the league bullying its players and teams of late, it would seem strange is that this is happening. After all, the commissioner works for the owners, so it’s hard to understand why the two sides cannot agree to share the content.