Jon Gruden’s QB Camp participants revealed

One of the best things going on during the lead up to the NFL Draft is Jon Gruden’s show, “Gruden’s QB Camp.” It’s a show in which Gruden grills the top quarterbacks of the current draft class. He takes them onto the field to run them through drills and see what they have physically, and he takes them into his office to look at tape and discuss personal issues.

It’s a fantastic show, and it’s tremendous watching Gruden in his element. He brings out the best in the kids he hosts, and now we know which kids will be joining him this spring.

The seven quarterbacks selected are all intriguing prospects.

Deshaun Watson out of Clemson is a polarizing figure, as many think he isn’t worth a first-round pick because of some bad tendencies (just don’t tell that to Dabo Swinney). He went to two straight national championships against Alabama, coming darn close to winning in 2016 then breaking through in a huge way this past January.

Mitch Trubisky is considered by many to be the best prospect in the draft, though his lack of experience is very disconcerting. This something this scribe believes will be his undoing if he’s subjected to the pressure associated with starting right away on a bad team.

DeShone Kizer is a dark horse top quarterback in the draft. It’s hard to know how much of his ups and downs had to do with the erratic Brian Kelly, but his physical tools are top notch.

Nathan Peterman, Brad Kaaya and Joshua Dobbs are all interesting prospects with some huge upside. But perhaps nobody has more upside than Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech. Blessed with one of the strongest arms we’ve seen in some time, he also possesses outstanding athleticism and put up prolific numbers as a Red Raider.

The one player we would have loved to see on this list is Josh Allen out of Wyoming, but he chose to head back to school rather than enter the 2017 NFL Draft. So we’ll look forward to seeing him next year.