Jon Gruden throws crazy party for Raiders fans at a bar

What could be better than hundreds of Oakland Raiders fans hopped up on some sauce at a bar? First-year head coach Jon Gruden and the team found that out first hand while hosting a party at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill on Friday.

Gruden invited Raiders fans to show up to the establishment to receive free autographs, food and non-alcoholic beverages. North of 500 fans made their way to the pub, marking one heck of a party.

“What’s happening, man? Can I hear you join me?” Raiiiiii-derrrrrrrrrs. Raiiiiii-derrrrrrrrs,” Gruden told the crowd, via the Mercury News.

While the Raiders themselves did not provide free alcohol, fans dabbled in adult beverages as the party really got going.

“I can guarantee that there is no other coach in the league that would do this for their fans,” longtime Raiders season-ticket holder Melly Garcia told the Mercury News. “He is so appreciative of being back in Oakland and he knows what an amazing and awesome fan base he has, bottom line.”

This offered Gruden the ability to get to know his Raiders fans much better after having not coached the team in nearly two decades.

For fans in Northern California, this represented one of the last times they’ll be able to meet up with the Raiders prior to the team moving to Las Vegas for the 2020 season.

It might have been bittersweet, but it sure looked like a whole lot of fun.