Jon Gruden supports NFL helmet rule, opposes instant replay

By Vincent Frank

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has spent about the past decade analyzing NFL football from the broadcast booth. This gives him a bit of a different opinion when it comes to rules the league has implemented in recent seasons.

In talking about the NFL’s new controversial helmet rule, Gruden himself takes an approach that runs contrary to pretty much every other head coach in the league. He’s seemingly in support of both the new rules and the officials tasked with enforcing them.

Gruden also spoke out against the idea of the NFL instituting a replay to either confirm or overturn helmet rule penalties.

“If you keep challenging everything pretty soon we’re never gonna play football,” Gruden said. That’s pretty much a more widespread opinion. At some point, human error needs to be just that…human error. If we start questioning every call, an already three-plus hour game will be even longer.

This comes after suggestions that the NFL might in fact start utilizing instant replay as a way to police the new helmet rule. Obviously, a vast majority of fans will join in on Gruden’s opinion here.

Either way, this is certinaly going to be a contentious issue heading into the start of the regular season in about two weeks time.