Johnny Manziel wants to get into coaching or media if NFL career doesn’t pan out

By Jesse Reed

Johnny Manziel seems to realize things may not work out the way he hopes as it concerns a potential NFL comeback, and he’s looking at alternate plans.

Appearing on the “Dan Patrick Show” Monday morning, Manziel said he wants to get into coaching or perhaps the media “if getting back to the NFL doesn’t work out.”

Additionally, while has been doing his best to transform his image in recent years, Manziel apparently has included a tweak to his famous (and sometimes infamous) name.

Manziel shared that, “I actually go by John these days,” per Andrew Perloff, though he apparently was just joking about that.

The quarterback recently spent a season in the CFL before being banned from the league for reasons nobody seems to really understand.

He then signed on with the AAF’s Memphis Express and sparked some offense in his first game before suffering a concussion in his second. Then, of course, the league imploded, leaving him and the rest of the players in a bind.

What the future holds for Manziel is very much a mystery. But you have to imagine a network might jump at the chance to hire him, if the football thing doesn’t pan out.