Johnny Manziel spotted chugging champagne hours after grand jury announcement

Johnny Manziel is awaiting a decision in regards to his domestic violence case, but was spotted by TMZ sports (video included) this week chugging champagne straight out of the bottle just hours after the case was sent to the grand jury.

At this point, it’s hard to even see Manziel as a football player anymore. Plenty of teams have taken chances on troubled characters in the past, but Manziel is almost bragging about his issues right now. It would be bad enough if we was drinking in private but poor disguise notwithstanding, this is a very public setting.

Sadly, this is the kind of behavior that may make his father Paul — who has previously wondered whether his son will see his 24th birthday in December — seem sadly prophetic.

Hopefully Paul Manziel is wrong about that, but this is a terrible look for his son. He’s clearly been battling alcohol issues for a while, and pending the findings of the grand jury, they may have triggered criminal charges.

What the grand jury decides remains to be seen, but there’s absolutely no way that this will be a positive for him. This is a guy who clearly needs help, and while it may seem counter intuitive, the best form of help might come from time behind bars. Nothing else has seemed to work.