Johnny Manziel pro day highlights show he was extremely sharp

One of the more intriguing stories on Thursday was that Johnny Manziel was throwing footballs in front of pro scouts for the first time in a while during the University of San Diego’s pro day.

He reportedly impressed the scouts in attendance with a “strong” performance, and there were 13 teams represented at the workout including the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and New York Giants — all teams that are looking for quarterbacks right now.

Now we have some video to reference, courtesy of the NFL.

What we see is a rock solid performance by Manziel, who was fully in control of his footwork and throwing terrific balls all over the field. All told, he completed 36-of-38 attempts during the session, which is somewhat to be expected given there is no defense to speak of. But still, it was a strong showing by Manziel, which can only help him as he attempts to get back into the NFL as soon as possible.

Before that happens (if it does), Manziel will be participating in the Spring League starting next week. If he continues to do and say all the right things off the field while putting on a good show on the field of play, chances are Manziel will get a second chance to carve out an NFL career.