Johnny Manziel mandated to appear before Dallas grand jury on May 5

By Rachel Wold

The Dallas grand jury is wasting no time when it comes to dealing with Johnny Manziel.

Just one day after the grand jury indicted Manziel on misdemeanor assault charges, it has set the date of May 5 for him to appear in court.

ESPN’s John Carr reported that Judge Roberto Canas will discuss the details of the $1,500 bond to Manziel at the time of his appearance.

Manziel’s lawyer Robert Hinton said that Manziel won’t be turning himself in any earlier than one day before his hearing, per the report.

This gives Manziel just slightly over one week to travel from Cleveland to Texas. Manziel was spotted at a venue in Cleveland on Tuesday night watching Justin Bieber in concert.

When Manziel’s attorney Hinton was asked where exactly Manziel would turn himself in, for example; at the courthouse or jail, he said it “might be someplace else” per Carr.

Obviously we can imagine the media scene, traffic and chaos that would accompany Manziel’s surrender to authorities. Finding the perfect low-key location that somehow won’t slip to the paparazzi is going to be quite the task in itself.

On the other hand, Manziel hasn’t exactly been staying under the radar. Social media is filled with pictures of him at parties, concerts and huge public gatherings such as Coachella. So, maybe he’ll give himself up in the public spotlight.

If Manziel is found guilty of physically abusing his former girlfriend, who accused him of kidnapping and trying to kill her, he could spend up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

That’s clearly mere pocket change to Manziel.

Though, the jail time is something altogether different. True to form, though, at this point it doesn’t appear Manziel is too concerned.

It will be interesting to see if he continues to hit the party scene hard or go incognito in the upcoming days.